Emerging Trends in Eastern African Literatures and Cultures

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Titre Emerging Trends in Eastern African Literatures and Cultures
Type de publication Livre
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Année de publication 2020
Editeur scientifique Susanne GEHRMANN
Nombre de pages 352
Éditeur Galda Verlag
Ville Glienicke
Genre recueil d'études
Pays d'édition Allemagne
ISBN 9783962031404
Résumé/Présentation "This book volume engages the emergent ways and exercises of world-making in eastern African literatures and cultures. It also includes how the world comes to eastern Africa as well as how eastern Africa speaks to the world. Writers within the region have come up with novel commentaries on diverse social issues. Artists and other users have invented new forms of expression through digitalization. The structure and content of this literature and cultural conversations, in line with modernity, has exhibited a fluidity that calls for the critical appraisal carried out in this book./ Therefore, this book volume centralises the emergence of new patterns of engagement in the literatures and cultures of the region. Taking cue from the cultural transformations, technological advancements and political influences, the volume raises questions on politics, conflict and war, and the evolving genres and canon. The book crosses language barriers beyond English and includes critical attention to texts written in the Swahili and French languages. The chapters aim to give a broad overview of the writings and cultural expressions in the eastern African region, including novels, films, short stories, theatre, poetry, oral, and digital performances."
Référence complète Gehrmann, Susanne ; Obura, Oduor ; Ogone, James ; Musumba, Obala (eds.). Emerging Trends in Eastern African Literatures and Cultures. Glienicke : Galda Verlag, 2020, 352 p.