The Mille collines of Marie Gevers : From Reportage to Literary Text

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Titre The Mille collines of Marie Gevers : From Reportage to Literary Text
Type de publication Article de périodique
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Date de publication 2016
Auteur Paul ARON
Titre du périodique Literary Journalism Studies
Volume ou tome 8
N° de la livraison 2
Pages de ... à (pp. x-x) 24-37
Genre article scientifique
Résumé/Présentation “Little known today beyond the country of her birth, Marie Gevers (1883-1975) is a major Belgian writer. Her interest in the everyday life of farming communities, her attachment to the things and people of her region, and a heightened sense of the rhythms of nature explain the success of her books. As a literary journalist, she also penned articles and reportages for newspapers such as "La Descente du Congo" (1952), Des mille collines aux neuf volcans. Ruanda (1953), and Plaisir des parallèles. Essai sur un voyage (1957). The relevance of Gevers's contributions to Belgian colonial literature has received hardly any attention, yet it is essential to analyze these texts in their particular contexts. Years of public banishment because of her minor involvement with the country's occupying forces during the Second World War prompted Gevers to take some distance and spend time in Rwanda as of 1948. Three years after Liberation, the Cold War was at its height, and majority opinion in Belgium had come down firmly behind the Truman Doctrine. However, United Nations criticism of Belgium's management of its colonies was not welcome, and the country reaffirmed the role it had to play both in Congo and Rwanda. Therefore, Gevers's African texts should be read as part of a general and national argument supporting the benefits of colonization. Gevers's objectives were twofold: first, to provide texts that showed her humanist understanding of a different world; and second, to rehabilitate herself as a major Belgian writer of stylistically impeccable texts. »
Référence complète Aron, Paul. The Mille collines of Marie Gevers : From Reportage to Literary Text. In : Literary Journalism Studies, vol. 8, n° 2, 2016, p. 24-37.



Nationalité : Belgique