Through African eyes : the European in African art, 1500 to present

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Titre Through African eyes : the European in African art, 1500 to present
Type de publication Livre
Éditeur Detroit Institute of Arts
Ville Detroit
Genre beau-livre - catalogue
Pays d'édition États-Unis
ISBN 9780895581631
Résumé/Présentation "Focuses on historical changes as they are articulated in African visual arts. Presented as a series of case studies, Through African Eyes addresses the arts and experiences of a representative group of African cultures. Essays by leading scholars in the field provide a sense of chronological progression while providing a rich overview of artistic genres and themes." (Worldcat, 07.2019) Contient : "Iwebo and the white men in Benin" / Barbara W. Blackmun -- "The introduction of European icons in the lower Congo and northern Angola" / Niangi Batulukisi -- "Dancing on the knife of power: comedy, narcissism, and subversion in the portrayals of Europeans and Americans by central Africans" / Z.S. Strother -- "Photography, European emblems, and statecraft in Manya Krobo (Ghana) about 1860-1939" / Veit Arlt and Nii O. Quarcoopome -- "Balancing power and parody: European hats in Ewe visual culture, 1850-1950" / Nii O. Quarcoopome -- "Through the lenses of African photographers: depicting foreigners and new ways of life, 1870-1950" / Christraud M. Geary -- "European carpentry and patronage and the origins of twentieth-century Ewe ivories" / Nii O. Quarcoopome -- "Mandela rides a casspir: mockery, mimicry, wire toys, and war machines during apartheid / John Peffer -- "Haircuts, celebrity portraits, and stardom: Americanism and youth art in Ghana's inner cities" / Nii O. Quarcoopome.
Référence complète Through African eyes : the European in African art, 1500 to present. Edited by Nii O. Quarcoopome ; essays by Veit Arlt ... [et al.]. Detroit : Detroit Institute of Arts, 2010, 295 p. : illustrations (chiefly color) - ISBN : 9780895581631.