Lumumba : Africa?s Lost Leader

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Titre Lumumba : Africa?s Lost Leader
Type de publication Livre
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Année de publication 2015
Auteur Leo ZEILIG
Nom de la collection Life & Times series
Nombre de pages 182
Éditeur Haus Publishing
Ville London
Genre essai - étude
ISBN 9781908323941
Résumé/Présentation "[...] In this book, revised and updated to include new thinking on the Congo crisis and incorporating material recently released from British intelligence archives, Leo Zeilig tells the story of the Congo in the dying days of colonialism, and of Lumumba?s transition from nationalist to revolutionary to international symbol of African liberation." (site de l'éduteur, 10.2018).
Référence complète Zeilig, Leo. Lumumba : Africa?s Lost Leader. London : Haus Publishing, Life & Times series, 2015, 182 p. - ISBN : 9781908323941.



Biographie : "Leo Zeilig is a writer and researcher. He has written several books on African politics and history. Leo is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London. He is also a Senior Research Associate, Research Chair in Social Change, Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg. His first novel, Eddie the Kid, has been released by Zer0 Books. He is currently writing his second, An Ounce of Practice. Leo lives in London with his partner." (site Haus Publishing, 10.2018)