African Freedom : How Africa Responded to Independence

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Titre African Freedom : How Africa Responded to Independence
Type de publication Livre
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Année de publication 2018
Auteur Phyllis TAOUA
Nombre de pages xi-321
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Ville Cambridge
Genre essai - étude
Pays d'édition Royaume-Uni
ISBN 9781108446167
Résumé/Présentation "The push for independence in African nations was ultimately an incomplete process, with the people often left to wrestle with a partial, imperfect legacy. Rather than settle for liberation in name alone, the people engaged in an ongoing struggle for meaningful freedom. Phyllis Taoua shows how the idea of freedom in Africa today evolved from this complex history. With a pan-African, interdisciplinary approach, she synthesizes the most significant issues into a clear narrative. Tracing the evolution of a conversation about freedom since the 1960s, she defines three types and shows how they are interdependent. Taoua investigates their importance in key areas of narrative interest: the intimate self, gender identity, the nation, global capital, and the spiritual realm. Allowing us to hear the voices of African artists and activists, this compelling study makes sense of their struggle and the broad importance of the idea of freedom in contemporary African culture." (communiqué, 09.2018)
Référence complète Taoua, Phyllis. African Freedom : How Africa Responded to Independence. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018, xi-321 p. - ISBN : 9781108446167.


Phyllis TAOUA

Biographie : "Phyllis Taoua, professor of Francophone Studies (Africa, the Caribbean); affiliated with Africana Studies, the Honors College, the World Literature Program and the Masters in Human Rights Practice at the University of Arizona in Tucson." (communiqué CUP, 09.2018)