Body and affect in the intercultural encounter

Titre Body and affect in the intercultural encounter
Type de publication Livre
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Année de publication 2017
Auteur René DEVISCH
Nombre de pages xvii-326
Éditeur Langaa RPCIG, African Studies Center
Ville Bamenda
Genre essai - étude
Pays d'édition Cameroun
ISBN 9789956764013
Résumé/Présentation Seul le premier chapitre est commun avec l'ouvrage publié en même temps chez Academia. - "The volume draws from René Devisch?s encounters with groups in southsaharan Africa, primarily. The author had the privilege to immerse himself, around the clock, in the Yakaphones' activities and thoughts in southwest DR Congo from 1972 to 1974, and intermittently in Kinshasa?s shanty towns, from 1986 to 2003. The author first examines what sparked his choice to come to Congo, and then to pursue research among the Yakaphones in the borderland with Angola. He then invites us to follow the trajectory of his plural anthropological view on today?s multicentric world. It leads us to his praise for honorary doctor Jean-Marc Ela?s work. He then examines the proletarian outbursts of violence that rocked Congo?s major cities in 1991 and 1993. These can be read as a settling of scores with the disillusioning colonial and missionary modernisation, along with president Mobutu?s millenarian Popular Movement of the Revolution. [...] The book addresses students and researchers in the humanities and, more broadly, all those immersed in the heat of the encounter with the culturally different." (site de Langaa, 07.2018)
Référence complète Devisch, René. Body and Affect in the Intercultural Encounter. Bamenda : Langaa RPCIG ; Leiden : African Studies Centre, 2017, xvii-326 p. - ISBN: 978-9956-764-01-3.



Alias : Renaat Devisch
Nationalité : Belgique