Air Empire : British Imperial Civil Aviation, 1919-39


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Titre Air Empire : British Imperial Civil Aviation, 1919-39
Type de publication Livre
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Année de publication 2009
Auteur Gordon PIRIE
Nombre de pages 249
Éditeur Manchester University Press
Ville Manchester
Genre essai - étude
Pays d'édition Royaume-Uni
ISBN 9780719041112
Résumé/Présentation "[...] The monograph examines how Britain's Empire was conceived and projected in the air age, how air Empire was negotiated internationally, and how aviation and imperialism served and constrained one another. Under scrutiny are British hopes that the new technology of aviation would promote Britain and sustain the British Empire. The book reveals the institutional struggle and practical difficulties of building Empire-wide air routes and of starting scheduled passenger and freight services by the Imperial Airways company in the 1920s and 1930s. The basic proposition in imperial civil aviation was that airships, flying boats and aeroplanes would modernise maritime empire, help legitimate imperialism, and speed up imperial contact and trade. The most ardent and least self-conscious proponents of air Empire thought it was even the key to ensuring the future of civilisation itself. [...]" (, 07.2016)
Référence complète Pirie, Gordon. Air Empire : British Imperial Civil Aviation, 1919-39. Manchester University Press, 2009. 249 p. - ISBN 978-0-7190-4111-2.