Writing the nation : expressing identity through Congolese literary texts and films

Titre Writing the nation : expressing identity through Congolese literary texts and films
Type de publication Livre
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Année de publication 2016
Auteur KASONGO M. Kapanga
Nombre de pages XX-422
Éditeur Africa World Press
Ville Trenton (NJ)
Genre essai - étude
Pays d'édition États-Unis
ISBN 9781592219902
Localisation Lib. of Congress
Résumé/Présentation Introduction -- Chapter 1. The invention of a national framework -- Chapter 2. The gaze and writing back : early literary landscape -- Chapter 3. Joseph Conrad and the darkness topos -- Chapter 4. Orature and modern writings: Bolamba, Faik Nzuji, Kama Kamanda -- Chapter 5. Literature and national imaginary in a decolonized space -- Chapter 6. Cinematic representation of the Congolese subject -- Conclusion - "The book is the study of literary texts and films seen as the manifestations of the Congolese consciousness and a response to the colonial discourse of denial, deletion and co-optation. It is a historical and ideological account of how writers and filmmakers have conceptualized the DRC or Zaire as a space supposedly out of a chaotic mode in need of domestication. Extending back to the precolonial times, it studies the epistemic foundations that underlie literary writings at various historical periods: an area to discover, to evangelize to exploit and to civilize., At the same time, the book addresses the problematic issue of nation-building and national identity that has dominated Postcolonial discourses in the last two decades. It examines postulations of national consciousness formation as a sedimentation drawn from various elements of which the result is a new cultural and political space. In studying literary texts and films, it identifies elements of national identity (political discourse, education system, history, ethnic identification) consciously or unconsciously articulated in the claims of commonality. The book highlights three factors of great importance that paved the way to a national discourse., First, the African hinterland has always proved an impenetrable entity to the outside eye. As a consequence, the hinterland came to be associated with three main characteristics (no man?s land, threat to human reason, chaos) descriptive of an unfathomable abyss that swallow?s life. Secondly, the heart of darkness allegory has acquired a metonymic value on which pronouncements on the Congo, however outrageous, find their foundation. Thirdly, contrary to most literary accounts (Kadima-Nzuji, Ngandu Nkashama, Riva), the book delves into the study of colonial and exotic literatures as historical steps toward the rise of modern Congolese literature. It also looks at the role orality has played in modern Congolese literature and at on the way the consciousness of belonging to the nation has been expressed by mainstream writers (V. Y. Mudimbe, Ngandu Nkashama, Ngal). Finally, it examines the ideological and historical elements of identity construction by Congolese filmmakers (Ngangura, Balufu Kanyinka and Raoul Peck) in their works as instances of agency., The book ends with questions related to recent Congolese writers influenced by conditions of globalization, location and exile." (site de l'éditeur, 10.2016)
Référence complète Kasongo M. Kapanga, Writing the nation : expressing identity through Congolese literary texts and films. Trenton, NJ : Africa World Press, 2016, (c 2017), xx, 422 p., ill. - ISBN : 9781592219902 (HB).


KASONGO M. Kapanga

Biographie :  "Kasongo Mulenda Kapanga est professeur de français et d’études francophones à l’Université de Richmond, en Virginie. Il a à son actif plusieurs articles dans le domaine de la littérature francophone (principalement africaine et antillaise), dans des revues comme Études Créoles, West Virginia University Philological Papers, Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies & Literatures, Französisch heute, The Journal of Asian & African Studies, Présence Francophone, the French Forum, African Studies Review, Tydskrif Vir Letterkunde. Il a publié plusieurs articles sur l’œuvre romanesque de Valentin-Yves Mudimbe et ses essais relatifs à l’épistémologie occidentales et ses problématiques en Afrique. Son livre The Writing of the Nation : Expressing Identity through Congolese Literary Texts and Films (Africa World Press, 2017) retrace l’itinéraire intellectuel de la nation congolaise depuis la rencontre avec les Portugais jusqu’à nos jours. Ses plus récentes recherches analysent sous des approches postcoloniales et identitaires les oeuvres littéraires et cinématographiques africaines et congolaises. " (site de Francofonia, 10.2019 http://www.lilec.it/francofonia/76-2019/)  
Alias : Kasongo Mulenda Kapanga
Nationalité : Congo (République démocratique du -)