Gangs, Identity, and Power in Congo

Titre Gangs, Identity, and Power in Congo
Type de publication Document en ligne
Langue principale de la publication anglais
Année de production 2019
Auteur Ch. Didier GONDOLA
Éditeur Michigan State University
Genre entretien
Pays d'édition États-Unis
Résumé/Présentation "In this episode, Prof. Ch. Didier Gondola (Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis) reflects on his book, Tropical Cowboys: Westerns, Violence, and Masculinity in Kinshasa. The interview digs into the ways in which Hollywood Westerns shaped a performative young urban masculinity expressed through nicknames and slang, cannabis consumption, gender violence, fashion, and sport. Gondola also offers insights on Jean Depara?s photography, the recent DRC elections, and shares details about his forthcoming biography of André Matswa Grenard, an iconoclastic Congolese activist who died in prison in 1942." (communiqué H-NET, 05.2019)
Référence complète Gondola, Didier. Episode 125: Gangs, Identity, and Power in Congo. Episode 125 of Africa Past and Present -- the podcast about African history, culture, and politics. Co-produced by Matrix -- the Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences -- and the Department of History at Michigan State University, 05.2019.


Ch. Didier GONDOLA

Nationalité : Congo (République démocratique du -)